Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production often refers to any kind of non-elight-based video output created for commercial purposes and/or commissioned by an organization, company, or corporation. A good example of this is a viral video campaign for a movie or TV show, an infomercial, or some other kind of informational product. Many companies and organizations these days are turning to video production as a means to spread their message to a large number of people. Video production can either be done in-house, with the help of experienced video producers, or it can be outsourced to professional video production companies that have a strong track record in creating successful marketing campaigns. In most instances, the latter type of video production company is preferable due to the quality of services they offer, as well as the timeline-constrained nature of the process.


Before choosing to outsource corporate video production, it is essential to carefully consider the targeted audience and their viewing preferences. If the intended audience is the usual target of all advertising programs, then the content should be easy to digest and understand. For example, if the intended audience is the youth (people under 30 years old), then the tone and style of the content should be light-hearted, conversational, and entertaining. On the other hand, if the audience is the elderly, then the content should be quite somber, with very limited humor used. The tone and style of the content should be in line with the audience, and not just the product or service being advertised. 

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Another aspect of the intended audience is the kind of language and cultural references that are to be made. In many instances, this is often used to keep a specific group of people (usually the target audience) from viewing inappropriate materials. Cultural and language diversity is a key feature of effective corporate videos, which makes them a great asset in the right situation.


The theme of the Corporate Video Production is one of the most important aspects of the process. A theme can be used to lend continuity to the videos, as well as create an overall impression. Theme-based corporate videos are also used often in theatrical productions. Theme-based corporate videos are often used for training and educational purposes, as well.


Many companies also choose to create a short testimonial video to give to their prospective clients. Video testimonials are very effective in building customer trust, which is why many companies choose to utilize testimonial videos instead of live action corporate video productions. Testimonial videos are also great for increasing brand awareness. A good testimonial video will show the customers actual experience with the company, as well as what improvements or additional services may be available should the consumer choose to purchase the services or products of the company.


YouTube and social media have become very popular tools for producing videos for any business. Social media is the fastest growing venue for online marketing and advertising, and companies should make every effort to include social media in their Corporate Video Production. Many social media platforms provide easy access to clients and customers, but the challenge is getting the message across using the format that bests expresses the company's message. Many times, creating video productions and submissions to social media sites require extensive research. Video submissions to social media sites are one of the easiest ways to create a buzz about any company, but the overall success of these submissions relies heavily on the content quality of the video and the professionalism with which the video was made.


Creating corporate video production marketing content can often help increase brand awareness among target audience members. When audience members see that the content is produced by an organization that actually exists, they often feel more comfortable consuming that product or service. Content producers can easily find viewers to watch their videos, which helps to increase audience reach for any product or service. The more views a video receives, the more likely viewers are to click on the company's website link and increase brand awareness.


There are several different stages involved when it comes to corporate videos, pre-production, post-production, and the eventual distribution of the content. The quality of the video production greatly impacts the results from the creation process and greatly affects audience response. Pre-production includes brainstorming, concept development, storyboards and scheduling, sound design and production, and casting. Post-production includes everything that was previously discussed in the planning phase and can include everything from re-recording to editing, CGI animation, music editing, and visual content development.